Get Organized!


Whether you’re deep into your recruiting journey, or just getting started, STAYING ORGANIZED will be a huge help.

There are hundreds and hundreds of college options out there.

How do you remember which schools’ questionnaires you’ve submitted?

Did you email that coach already?

Or was it that other school with the same colors?

Here is a simple way to stay organized:

Create a simple spreadsheet.  Even better: make it cloud-based, like with Google Docs, so you can access it anywhere.  Make columns for information like the college name, city, how much you like it, coaches’ names, when you emailed and called them.

Here is a sample google docs spreadsheet you can use to create your own:


Do you like to use Excel?  Here is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you can use to start your own organizer:

Sample Recruiting Organizer

Rock on!