How to make a highlight video in iMovie on a Mac

UnknownYou’ve got lots of game films on your computer. There are plenty of great plays to make a stellar highlight video.  Where do you start?


STEP 1: Get your clips. 

You need to pull out short clips from those long game films. You could drop the entire game film into iMovie, but it’s much better to create short little clips of all of your awesome plays first.

Here’s how (click this pic to open up a screencast):

Lather, rinse, repeat.  For every play you want in your highlight video.  Eventually, you’ll have a bunch of video clips ready to drop into iMovie.

Now STEP 2: Open up iMovie


  • Open iMovie, click “File,” then “New Movie..”
  • Choose “No Theme”
  • Click “Create”
  • Give your movie a name (I named this sample “highlights”, and you’re ready to get going!

Optional STEP 2.1: Create an opening still shot for your movie.

You don’t have to have one, but you can use any photo software to create an opening still image for your movie. It can show a picture of you, your name, grad year, GPA, etc. Save that image in the same place where you have all the clips you made in Step 1.

STEP 3: Get your clips into iMovie


Be sure you’ve clicked on the name of your video up there under “Project Media” on the left so iMovie is ready to get all of your clips.

Now you’re going to drop all of your clips from your computer onto that “Import Media” area like this (click the pic to open up a screencast):


Step 4: Drop your clips into the iMovie timeline

Drag your photos & videos down to the bottom timeline in the order you want them. (You can always change the order later.)

If you have a still frame for the opening, drag that first, and make sure you double-click the pic and click “FIT” at the top so iMovie doesn’t zoom in & out on your still frame.

Then drag the video clips after that.  Like this (click the pic for a screencast):


Step 5: Make your “LOOK AT ME!” arrows

This is the biggest challenge for anyone making a DIY highlight video in iMovie. Here’s a clever (and FREE!) little trick to insert a still frame with arrows so you can point yourself out to a coach.  First, you’ll need to download and install JING from TechSmith.

That free software will put a sunshiney yellow dot in the corner of your monitor like this:

IMG_4673 copy IMG_4674 copy

Now that you have your Jing dot ready to go, go back to iMovie and do this:


Do that for every clip in your highlight reel.

Keep those still-shots short (recommended duration: 0.7sec) so that a coach isn’t sitting there staring at arrows for eternity.

Step 6: Finish it off and export

2015-11-10_1547Now that you’ve made your whole movie, click on that little box with the arrow coming out of the top, and choose where you want to put it.  You can have iMovie send it directly to YouTube or Vimeo.  You can save it as a file on your computer so you can upload it yourself.  Either way, get that video online and start sending the link to coaches!

In the video description, make sure you put your email address and your coaches’ email addresses!

Here’s a highlight video created using these steps:

Step 7: Sit back and admire your handiwork (we recommend doing so with a taco)