Rock the tests! (aka: “grades matter!”)

201504_2255_dcgdd_smYou hear it all the time.

You’re probably sick of it.

Too bad.


Know what else matters?


You can make yourself look even better to a college coach with a good GPA and a good test score. A coach only has so many scholarships to spread throughout the team.  If you can manage to get a bunch of academic aid, that means the team’s scholarship money goes farther, and the coach will love you for it.

All of this is nothing new, but let’s get real.  How much academic aid are we talking here?

npcTake a look at a D1 school, Seattle University. They have, right there on their website, a “net price calculator.”

15grandEnter in a 1600 (out of 2400) for an SAT score, and a 3.7 GPA, and check it out…

Those numbers qualify for $15,000 a year, $60,000 over four years, right off the top of your college cost!

Invest some time and money in test prep, and it could pay off BIG TIME!