46 RSF Attack Players Named to UT All-Academic Teams

unnamed-2During the winter high school sports seasons, RSF Attack players not only helped their teams win multiple CIF titles; they also excelled in the classroom.

Forty-six Attack players were recently named to the San Diego Union Tribune All-Academic teams for Girls and Boys Soccer:

Girls 97
Kathleen Thorpe Boyle, Sr., 3.55, OUR LADY OF PEACE
Makena Cash, Jr., 3.33, EASTLAKE
Nicole Martin, Jr., 4.00, LA COSTA CANYON
Julia Nellis, Sr., 3.42, MISSION HILLS
Blair Sullivan, Sr., 3.19, LA COSTA CANYON
Danielle McGlasson, Sr., 3.50, ESCONDIDO CHARTER
Kendall Nesteroff, Sr., 3.48, MISSION HILLS
Capri Goldsmith, Sr., 3.72, LA COSTA CANYON
Karlee Davey, Sr., 3.83, LA COSTA CANYON

Girls 98
Sherrie Antoun, Jr., 3.63, TORREY PINES
Paige Ranney, Jr., 3.31, RANCHO BUENA VISTA
Avery Rogers, Jr., 4.54, PACIFIC RIDGE
Julia Carpino, Jr., 4.09, SAN MARCOS
Katelin Murray, Jr., 4.20, SAN MARCOS
Camille Nosewicz, Jr., 3.62, SAN MARCOS
Alexandria Rodriguez, Jr., 3.10, RANCHO BERNARDO
Grace Von Strahl, Jr., 3.90, TORREY PINES

Boys 97
Michael Callamaras, Sr., 3.63, CANYON CREST
Shane Gurule, Jr., 3.27, POWAY
Luis Valdovinos, Sr., 3.15, MISSION HILLS
Youngho Yun, Sr., 4.50, TORREY PINES
Grant Shain, Sr., 3.64, LA COSTA CANYON
William Caples, Sr., 3.52, BISHOP’S
Lucas Perry, Sr., 3.93, TORREY PINES
Luke Hazel, Sr., 3.83, ST. AUGUSTINE
Dayne Michael, Sr., 4.07, CANYON CREST
Owen Ereso, Sr., 4.30, SAN DIEGUITO
Omar Garcia, Sr., 3.56, LA COSTA CANYON
Justin Gadalla, Sr., 4.33, SCRIPPS RANCH
Douglas Ballard, Sr., 3.83, CANYON CREST
Jack Carlson, Sr., 3.40, POWAY
Noah Loy, Sr., 3.41, POWAY

Boys 98
Derik Engebretsen, Sr., 3.25, LA COSTA CANYON
Drew Young, Jr., 4.21, TORREY PINES
Grant Allgood, Jr., 4.12, CATHEDRAL CATHOLIC
Matt Schumacher, Jr., 3.70, MARANATHA CHRISTIAN
Alejandro Kravzov, Jr., 3.93, TORREY PINES
Jonathan Sabouri, Jr., 3.56, SAN DIEGUITO
James Woodman, Jr., 4.00, TORREY PINES
Rory Link, Jr., 3.82, CATHEDRAL CATHOLIC
Bennett Williams, Jr., 3.66, CANYON CREST
Austin Hammond, Jr., 3.67, LA COSTA CANYON
Zack Manship, Jr., 3.43, SAN MARCOS
Anthony Piglovski, Jr., 3.69, TORREY PINES

Boys 99
Eli Collin, Jr., 3.70, CANYON CREST
Ulises Ramirez, Jr., 3.33, ORANGE GLEN

Links to UT Press Coverage:

BOYS team

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20+ RSF Attack players in San Diego CIF championships


In San Diego and Southern California, high school soccer is highly competitive, with many teams ranking in the top 10 in the state and country.  Competitive club teams who do not field USSDA teams here in San Diego release their players during the winter sports season to play high school soccer, where they build their leadership skills while competing at a very high level for their school.

RSF Attack has a very strong relationship with athletic departments across San Diego county, ensuring that every Attack player is receiving daily high-quality professional coaching while competing for his or her high school.

RSF Attack has over 20 players competing for championship this week and next week:

R Link & G Allgood

  •   Boys SD Open, FRIDAY 5pm at Mesa College: Grant Allgood & Rory Link at Cathedral Catholic. **UPDATE! CCHS won the championship game 3-0. ROLLDONS**

Good luck to all!