GK Jaime Fournier

Starting GK at Palomar College in San Diego
Canyon Crest Academy class of 2017

Palomar College GPA: 3.765.
40 units completed in the 2017-2018 school year.

HS GPA: 3.91, SAT: 1290

Height: 6′

Contact information:
jaime.fournier13@gmail.com || 760-814-7693

Palomar College goalkeeping highlights:



Coaches’ contact information:

Palomar College Head Coach: David Linenberger
dlinenberger@palomar.edu || 760-525-8583‬

Palomar College Assistant Coach: Paulo Espinoza
Pespinoza@palomar.edu || 760-484-3247

Palomar College Goalkeeper Coach: Froylan Onofre
froylanonofre@ymail.com || ‭+49 1(590)-138-2052

RSF Attack (club): Malcolm Tovey
malcolmtovey@mac.com || 858-735-3654‬

Canyon Crest Academy (high school) Varsity Coach: Tom Lockhart
tom.lockhart@sduhsd.net || 619-339-6706‬

Personal statement:

My name is Jaime Fournier, and I am a freshman at Palomar College in San Diego, California. I am currently studying to be a civil engineer. I am the starting goalkeeper on the Palomar Men’s Soccer team, and I am looking to further my soccer career. I am very dedicated to strong academics and bettering my game in hopes of transferring to a four-year college soccer program. I am a well-rounded goalkeeper with a great desire to improve and learn to get the best out of myself and the team. Every day I strive to be the best version of myself by pushing my limits to conquer any challenge, on and off the field. My willingness to grow is exponential and it stems from giving 100% effort in all aspects of my game, in life, and in the classroom.


Prior highlights: